Friday, February 22, 2008

A New Day

On Tuesday Jaden got to spend his first little bit of time outside. It was SO nice out, warm and no breeze, that Grandma had to take him outside to enjoy the southern weather. Of course, Jaden liked to snooze in the warm air and Grandma made a GREAT pillow!

While Jaden snoozed, mom and dad opened a gift from Great Aunt Karen and family. LOTS of fun stuff!

We also took our first family picture!
On Thursday Jaden made his first trip to the office so mommy could help daddy finish a recording project. He hung out with Grandma most of the morning but, when dad came over for lunch they had some fun together too!

Thursday night Daddy had his first class since Jaden has arrived with us. There was only one point where Jaden was making enough noise that mommy was worried daddy's classmates on the other end of the phone might wonder what was going on. After class the whole family just curled up for a few minutes. Ahhhh....just me and my boys....that is the GOOD LIFE!

I don't remember what day this was but, this is a good picture of Grandma and Jaden. They've been playing a lot. I think Grandma gets more of Jaden's awake time than anyone else. They have lots of fun reading the Babycakes book, playing, and wandering around the house.

This isn't Jaden's sad face, it's more his look of trying to take in whatever is going on around him. Grandpa H. had him here.

On Friday, Jaden played with his first toy. Grandma has been showing him different toys and he's been checking them out but, he actually grabbed onto this one. He apparently got his little fingers wrapped around it and was waving it around (accidentally bonking it into his face once or twice along the way). Somehow he then managed to flip it onto his opposite wrist and wore it as a bracelet for a few minutes. Then, in one quick arm thrust the toy ended up smack on his face. Grandma thinks he looks like a scuba diver and said that when the toy landed Jaden's eyes opened up wide in shock trying to figure out what was going on. Grandma set him down, went to get the camera, and by the time she got back he was still big-eyed trying to figure this new toy thing out!
Jaden had to go to the doctor on Wednesday and Friday to check his oxygen saturation levels. So far everything is looking great! We have been reducing the amount of supplemental oxygen he receives and his saturation scores are still going up! They also came to download the information from his night monitor and everything looks good. The doctor still has to interpret the data but since everything looks so good we should have a wireless baby by Tuesday! (that means no more monitors OR oxygen!!!!)
Jaden is also doing a GOOD job of growing. When he was born he weighed 6lb 13.9oz (without a diaper). At his two week checkup (Monday) he already weighed 7 lb 11oz (with a diaper) and by Wednesday he already gained another few ounces weighing in at 7lb 14oz. WHEW....mommy did think that he seemed to be eating a LOT on Tuesday! I know babies grow fast but, hopefully he doesn't continue steadily at that pace or mommy's muscles aren't going to have time to work into lifting the car seat!
At my two week checkup everything looked great. The doctor was pleased and said I could start driving again. Of course, having 3 chaufers around means that I haven't had to yet. I also haven't had to lug the car seat to the car. They are all doing a good job of making sure that I don't overdo it. It's starting to make me wonder how we'll be able to do all of these things on our own after Grandpa and Grandma leave! At least we have a few more weeks to figure that out!

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  1. Make sure you get pictures of him wearing some of the clothes I got him before he grows out of them! Which sounds like it could be anytime...