Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Ahhhhhhh......let's just say that there is nothing like having your baby boy at home and being able to take care of him on your own schedule without a new nurse every shift looking over your shoulder!

Here is Jaden, all ready to come home from the hospital. We finally got to bring him home on Monday, February 11th - one week after he was born. They noticed that his oxygen saturation level dropped a little lower than it should when he was in a really deep sleep so, as a precaution, he was sent hom on a low level of supplemental oxygen and a monitor that he is hooked to when he is sleeping and we aren't holding him. The monitor beeps REALLY LOUD and checks for sleep apnea (stopping breathing during sleep). So far it only goes off with the wires are loose. That's a good thing because it means that probably there is nothing wrong. But, it is a bad thing because it is REALLY LOUD and a rude awakening in the middle of the night!

This is Jaden's first picture at home. He promptly initiated the house with his first dirty diaper! When we got him home we realized that he looked pretty scrunched up in this outfit. We opened the snaps at the bottom to find out that it was too short for his long little legs! He quickly STRETCHED out, finally comfortable I suppose!

Daddy spend some time rocking Jaden in the chair. We're still working on rearranging. The dresser you see has all of Stephen and my clothes in it but, we had to take it out of our bedroom to make room for the giant oxygen tank! It works pretty nice in Jaden's room as a changing table so, we're trying to figure out what we can put in our room and just leave this here.

Jaden meets Grandma K. at the 13th! He didn't get to go to the airport to welcome her but, he was at home ready and waiting! Actually, Grandma K. got to babysit right away because Stephen and I had to go to an infant CPR class at the hospital (a requirement when you have a baby that has been in the NICU). Crazy people, thinking that it's a good idea for new parents to have to find a babysitter 2 days after they take their brand new baby home! But, Grandma did a great job and Jaden didn't even whimper the whole hour.

Jaden meets Grandpa K! Again, he couldn't go to the airport to greet him but was ready and waiting. He did get hungry pretty soon after Grandpa got there but, Grandpa at least got to hold him a little bit.

Snug as a bug in a rug.....

Really? These are the people that are going to take care for me for the rest of my life? Hmmm.....


  1. Oh my GOODNESS!!! So so so so so so so so SO CUTE!!! I cannot WAIT to meet him! I'm so glad that you all are home and happy! Have a great time caring for him. What a sweetheart. We miss you...keep sending the pics when you can.
    PS. Keely and Mali LOVE the one of Jaden looking at you guys with his finger on his chin. They crack up saying "hmmmm, who are these people?"

  2. LOL! I love that last picture of Jaden with his finger to his chin. It cracks me up! In fact, it is now my background on my work computer. Looks like he has his daddy's wacky sense of humor!

    So who are the godparents? I will be praying for you three as you embark in this beautiful, crazy, wonderfully insane adventure. You two are going to rock!

  3. thanks so much for posting a new blog and some more pictures! your little guy is beautiful! how wonderful that your parents got to meet him. they look like very proud grandparents!!

    i remember there not being a whole lot of free time when my little one was so young. the first 3 months seemed to be nothing but diapering, snuggling, and feeding. after the 3 month, more time lapses between each one and then after 6 months you just won't know what to do with yourself! ;) the whole experience is just fantastic. :)

    keep the posts coming when you can. even if it's just pictures!

    take care and hugs to you and little timothy and stephen too!


  4. I LOVE it when you update your blog! I love all the pictures and Jaden is BEAUTIFUL....I cannot WAIT to see you all!!!! :) Love you!