Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Letter O

I've been working on doing learning activities with Jaden again. This week we started again with the letter O. Of course, after I planned all of the activities and printed a bunch of things, I learned that he already KNOWS the letter O! Oh well....onward we go!

Here is what we did

Painted O shaped rings for a ring toss game (via pinterest)

basically you cut the middles out of paper plates and paint the rings. I cut some slits in a paper towel roll tube and taped it onto another paper plate for the target.

Alivia thought it was quite fun as well

Turns out, the rings also make good hats!
We'd yell "YEAH!!!" every time Jaden made it on the ring
Dot painted another letter O outline and then on to the next craft.
this one was an octopus (via pinterest)
You cut 4 cm of toilet paper roll tube, measure the same at the top of 1/2 sheet of construction paper and mark, divide the width of the paper into 8 strips for the kids to cut, glue around paper towel tube, curl tentacles around a pencil.
playing with the fridge letter game. Jaden loves this but was losing interest so I whipped up a list of 10 three letter words that have "o" in them and he set about spelling them. He only made it through about 6 but he is still going back to it days later.
Alivia enjoys the fridge game too!
Stamp painting "o"s with cut toilet paper rolls
which quickly turned into a color mixing art lesson
cool things happen when you dump paint colors together
at least until it all turns brown!

All in all, I'd say it was a successful week!


  1. What a fun day. You must have spent hours putting all this together. Love the kids expressions. My fav is the octopus, the "yeahs" and the hats :-). Next time we skype we should do some fridge words with Jaden.