Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Catching Up - February 2011

There have been so many wonderful things in our everyday life together since I last posted.
One of my dilemmas when I get behind in blogging is trying to catch up on everything I have missed. I don't think that is even remotely possible after this, my longest hiatus.

So, here's a quick summary.

February 2011
- Jaden's 3rd Birthday
blueberry pancakes with a candle for birthday breakfast
how old are you?

happy birthday Jaden
make a wish
our family
- A play kitchen built by mommy & grandpa K
in progress, getting close
Jaden finds his "unfinished" play kitchen.
We decided part of the birthday fun could be letting him help finish the assembly.
helping grandpa drill holes for the oven knobs
assembling the oven door
nailing on the back
all put together (still missing the sink)
when you're 3 you can get away with cooking a cake on the stove top burner
- Alivia's baptism
wearing her baptismal gown made from Grandma K's wedding dress

baptized by grandpa H
as good a family photo as you're going to get after church and 100 pictures already taken
- Valentines Day
window clings are our favorite type of decoration to put up these days
a heart candy sorting game
- Trip to see family in AZ
fun with keely, mali & kellan at the zoo

petting the goats
sharing the tractor with kellan
riding the train at the train park
the best frozen yogurt EVER! at Yogurtopia
March & April to come after finding some photos from Grandma's camera!

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