Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time Flies

I can't BELIEVE I haven't posted anything since February! There are a million excuses I could use - some of which include a computer that, for awhile, decided to turn itself off whenever it felt like it making any real progress on any work impossible. Another being continually "mis"placing my camera and having to remember to look for it for 3 days before finding it again (always in one of 3 places - just usually takes me 3 days to remember to look in each of them). Also, we've been trying to get our house in order and CLEAN and figure out life with two amazing kiddos. Grandma K has stayed and Daddy has been working and studying like crazy. I'm downloading pictures from my camera that have been on there since FEBRUARY so, if I get caught up in my little bit of free time today I might actually post something interesting!

One thing I've been thinking lately....
I am never one to wish time away.
I believe there is much to be enjoyed every single day of life God gives us.
I already think my kids are growing TOO fast so I don't want to hope for days to come when I want to just enjoy their smiles of today.
In some ways.....
I'm really, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY ready for it to be 17 days from now when all homework must be done, all classes over, and we have a daddy/hubby who doesn't have SO MUCH HOMEWORK to do anymore!

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