Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Library Story Time

Recently, one of Jaden's favorite weekly activities is story time at the Library. We try to go every week but occasionally miss. When Grandma went with us we actually got some pictures of the fun!

Story time always starts with singing action songs. This is Jaden's FAVORITE part and he especially loves the days they pass out balloons and sing the "I can bounce it on my ____" song!
There are always 2-3 books on a different theme. Jaden loves books and will sit still for DOZENS of books in a row at home. But, at the library he tends to have trouble sitting and listening for the whole time.

Then, there is a craft. Often they are too hard for 2-3 year olds and I wish they would improve that since it IS CALLED "Toddler story time". But, Jaden always loves to do the crafts and enjoys getting help from mommy. We'll see how easy that works with a baby along too!

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