Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We made these as cards and sent them to Gma & Gpa K in MN and Great Gma & Gpa B in SD!

I would share the link that I printed the turkey parts from but in my opinion it really wasn't worth it. I could just have drawn them just as well.

The turkey body is from a tracing of Jaden's foot and the hands are tracings of his hands. I would recommend this craft for a bit older of a kid. There were too many steps that Jaden couldn't do and he didn't want to color the feathers to make them more colorful. He also got tired of the gluing before we were finished so mommy had to finish up!

Materials Needed:
Various colors of construction paper for feathers (at least 3)
brown paper for tracing foot
cardstock or white paper for backing

1. Have child stand on paper and help them trace their foot.
2. Help child trace their hand print on various colored sheets of construction paper.
3. Cut out pieces
4. Children can color the feathers for added effect.
5. Trace outline of turkey body (foot) on white paper as a guide. Glue handprint feathers in a fan around the outside.
6. Glue on turkey body.
7. Glue on or draw eyes, beak, wattle, feet.
8. Write message
9. Display or send to someone special.

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