Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun Day

We are having fun on Mariachi tour in St. Louis (more to come later) but I just had to share this picture.  After a long hard day of performing for the group and a hard day of playing with new friends for Jaden they curled up on the couch of our host home for a little snuggling and a Mickey Mouse movie.

Did you notice anything unusual about the above picture ( I mean besides the fact that it's not our couch, our blanket or our house.....)

Mommy, mommy what do you see?

I see Jaden wearing SHOES!

Jaden hasn't been willing to wear anything on his feet except slippers since early November.  Inside, outside, cold weather, warm weather....SLIPPERS.  Attempting anything else only led to immense bouts of screaming and kicking.  I can only think of THREE exceptions in those nearly five months.  Christmas Eve and one other Sunday when he wore his little vest and tie with black pants that I made him wear black dress shoes and snow boots when we visited MN.

He actually liked the "Thomas puppy dog" shoes and wore them all day! (Thomas cause they are blue, puppy dog because they have a paw print).  Maybe I"ll get him to wear them again tomorrow!

Just thought I'd share our milestone!

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