Sunday, March 7, 2010

Both Success and Failure

I was impressed with this cute and healthy lunch

too bad Jaden wouldn't eat it.  Turns out he didn't feel like beans this day.  He prefers canned mandarin oranges to the regular variety.  He only wanted the meat off of the sandwich - even if it was shaped like a train.

Oh well!


  1. :-) This is/was really cute. For some reason The train is easier for me to see in this picture than it was when I was trying to get Jaden to eat it! Hey, maybe outlining it with frosting would be a good idea, not nutritionally, I guess, though :-)

  2. Sounds so familar -- Marco used to eat anything I gave him and now he is picky, changing from day to day. I think you did a good job and it looks great!