Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Playing

On Thanksgiving Day we spent the morning at the church. We always have a Thanksgiving Day service. It is sort of informal in that we sing a lot of songs, the mariachi plays, we have some readings, and the sermon is people in the congregation standing up and saying what they are thankful for this year. The whole service is bilingual (English and Spanish) although not ALL of the things congregation members say are translated since that would take FOREVER.

Afterward, tradition is that a Thanksgiving meal is served by a servant event team from a church in Colorado that comes to serve meals here and at the mission churches across the border. This year they served 1,200 meals!

After the service Jaden and a few of his cousins that were around had great fun playing outside the church!

I happen to REALLY like this new $4 jacket from Kmart!

Sweet Bethany!
A favorite activity was running around the palm tree.

This is Mia, our goddaughter. Apparently she is VERY affectionate with Jaden. I didn't see it or catch it on camera but she is rumored to have run up to Jaden twice, grabbed him, and kissed him! Apparently we are going to have to start teaching Jaden VERY EARLY to RUN!!!!!!!

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