Thursday, December 17, 2009


Every year we have so much to be thankful for.

This post is about just one example of how God provides for all of our needs in the most unique and special way - using those around us to bless us with His provision!

I had just been saying to Stephen that I needed to go shopping for Jaden since he didn't have very many warm winterish clothes and VERY few pants.

Enter Stephen's sister Laura and family who have given us 2nd hand clothes from their family of 6 (the 4 youngest are boys). Often you can't even tell the clothes have been used before (tell me how THAT happens!?!?!)

They brought a LOAD when they came from Thanksgiving. Honestly, I don't know how they had room for all of this stuff in their van with them, all 6 kids, and all the things they needed for their stay.

Let's just say they must have had LOTS of extra space on the ride home!

THIS is the pile of cool weather clothes that I think will fit Jaden right now! On the chair behind you can see the ones that I have to see if they fit or not. You can't even SEE the ones that I already put in the box for sizes needed in the future!
Here Jaden is modeling the Dallas Cowboys letterman jacket.

I haven't counted but Jaden's closet is FULL. Honestly, I don't know how a kid can even USE so many clothes!

So much for an excuse to go shopping!!!!

Thank you Laura & family and Thank you God for providing all that we need exactly when we need it!


  1. That cowboys jacket hurts my eyes. Let me see if I can find a Broncos one for when he outgrows the Cowboys. EEEWWWW

  2. Please don't raise him as a Cowboys fan! Any other team...except the Patriots...