Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trip to CO

At the end of last month we were able to travel to CO for a Pastor/Church worker conference and visit a wonderful church - Peace with Christ in Fort Collins - that has helped us tremendously by providing scholarship money for Stephen's seminary study.

Here are a few details of our adventure!

We have found lots of great travel toys after all of the trips we have been on. One of the best and most recent ones is a little sheet of stickers, a clipboard, and a pad of paper. Jaden has a GREAT time with these....

This day, the main attraction was putting the stickers on daddy's nose!
As you can see...it was VERY funny

Ooo..Daddy got one on Jaden's nose too!

After arriving in CO we got a rental car and spent the night with friends in Denver. The next morning Jaden was still sleepy when it was time to head out but, after a short spurt in the car he woke up happy as can be!
Stephen happy to be with family and on the road.
Heading toward the mountains
the LONGEST tunnel I have ever been in. TRUST me....there is no trying to hold your breath through this one. Stephen (who has an AMAZING ability to hold his breath for a LONG time --- all that singing and trumpeting breath control you know--- barely made it halfway!)

The outside of our hotel (sorry for the reflection in the window) situation right in the middle of the mountains.
Out our room window toward the conference center. Note - no snow....
Jaden had to explore the hotel room. I think this is the first time he has been aware of a phone that had a cord. We had to unplug since the buttons were really fun and there was an emergency button that looked really fun with a cross above it! Jaden spent a lot of time "talking" on the phone while playing in the room.
Sitting with Daddy by the balcony.

We woke up the second day to SNOW! See the difference on the mountain!
After the conference toward Fort Collins and were able to stop and visit one of my college friends on the way. Jaden had fun playing with their daughter....

...although he kept running away when she would try to give him a nice hug!
In Fort Collins we got to visit this GREAT park. LOTS of fun toys!

And, at our host home we got to have some fun outside in the crisp fall weather. The home across the street had some animals that Jaden was eager to meet. They must be used to people giving them food because they came right over to the fence and looked expectant.

Returning to the airport we had to pause to watch all of the buses before going in.

A fun, relaxing, beautiful trip.

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