Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fun at Home

Well, it seems like I can't seem to stay caught up with this blog. I'll have a major posting day to catch up and before I know it, I'm almost a month behind again. Oh'll just have to bear with me!

Jaden has been having a lot of fun rediscovering all of his toys again. Of course, sometimes, you just have to hang out in the laundry basket! This is a classic. I have to look around my mom's house to find the pics of ME sitting in the laundry basket!

It also has finally cooled off enough to spend more time outside during the day. This particular afternoon Jaden discovered the flower pot (that nothing has grown in for quite some time) as an excellent "sandbox."

Of course, the best part was carrying the "sand" over to the dog's water dish and making "soup"

and seeing if Jack wanted some to eat

What about you mommy?

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  1. I think Jaden wants to be a good cook like his mom! He needs a little more practice though.