Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Men with Hammers

Well, man and boy anyway!

We've been needing a toy storage solution for some time. After weeks of wondering what would work best, looking up plans for making our own shelf, and considering our complete lack of power tools....I found a shelf on sale at Target that pretty much met my wishes EXACTLY. I'm already thinking that maybe I should have bought TWO!

I realized that I didn't really have any pictures of the "before" but, you can see our old shelf in the background. It really didn't work because Jaden could only get the things that were on the bottom two shelves, things got stuck on the wires and he would get frustrated, and when I got down on the floor toddler level I realized how SCARY that tower on the top shelf must have seemed.

Daddy started the assembly and Jaden quickly joined in. You see the bookshelf relocated under the window.

"See my hammer mommy?"
"Woah - this thing is the BEST to climb in!"

Making sure everything is tight

Taking a break

Pounding hard
All assembled and organized

Upon discovering that he could reach his colors and coloring book Jaden decided to use the top as a table.
Of course, later that day we had to have a lesson about NOT coloring on the shelf or the puzzle or things other than paper and the coloring books!

Ahh....finally a PRETTY solution. Balls in the corner, nice looking shelf with stored toys...

a reading corner with a beanbag chair and the books close at hand...

Jaden really likes being able to get at his favorite toys by himself. We still have a ways to go on getting everything put back away every day...but we'll get there.

Oh...and we have our very own parking lot!

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  1. I like the shelf! Looks like it holds a lot of toys! :) enjoyed your posts. miss u