Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First Birthday Fun!

Getting ready to bake the cake
Cutting out my stencil

The cake, fresh out of the oven

GOOD MORNING birthday boy!

Daddy tries to get Jaden to attack the cake early!

#1 - the cutting actually went really smoothly

frosting the cake
mmmm...looking good. It's a white butter cake with cream cheese frosting. I had never made cream cheese frosting with orange or lemon zest it in but, it was REALLY good! See Jaden's little cake on the side?

all decorated with berries and a candle
I'm not sure if Jaden thinks the cake is cool or, if he's just thinking it's pretty fun to sit on the table! He's never done that before!
There's a smile! he notices the cake. Doesn't it look good?
Just the 3 of us!

With G'ma & G'pa K

Don't forget the lavish decorations - Happy Birthday! Everyone's over for lunch.

Dishing up the salad. A unique but very yummy combination. Cheese tortilinni, chicken, grapes, kiwi, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin oranges with an orange/maple dressing. Sounds strange but tastes yummy!

Jaden sticks with his beans - a bit of food before cake!

Dig in!

Jaden wasn't too sure what to do with the cake so, daddy tried to help him out.

Jaden didn't seem too thrilled and wasn't into getting so dirty. Every time his fingers touched the cake he would look at them and try to wipe them, we gave him a fork and spoon and he had a good time playing with it.

Yup - mooshing it is WAY more fun than eating it!Then we added some berries and mmmm.....he LOVES the berries! first birthday frosting face here...just a berry face!

Okay - enough of this....I'm ready to be OUT of here!

Wow - are ALL of these for me?!?!?

Cool - a toy with a hammer!

And a noisemaking tamborine - my mommy is going to LOVE this one!
I think I'll get started practicing right now!

Cool books and fun cards from Keely & Mali

I LOVE this paper! How did you know?!?!?!
Oma helping open one present.

With Oma & G'ma H

Are these crayons, or balls? Can I eat them? Throw them? Hmmm.....
Woah - a trip to the garage...what's this?

My VERY OWN CAR!!?!??!?!?!

pretty nice ride I got, don't you think? do I fill up THIS gas tank?

How do I look?

The horn beeps, the blinkers make noise and there are even TUNES on this radio!!!!

A trip around the yard with my dad! - when he wasn't on the move, Jaden found the door to be one of the most interesting features of the car and spent SEVERAL minutes opening and closing it!
Then, he just had to kick back and talk to Aunt Karen

Yup - I'm just chillin'. It's been a great day!


  1. I left a voicemail on Stephen's cell phone asking him to give Jaden a squeeze and a kiss for me for his birthday.

    Oh yeah, love the car. I want a copy of the picture of him kicking back in his car while talking on the cell phone.

  2. hey chica!

    oh my goodness for pictures!! seems like jaden's first birthday was a blast! i'm glad you finally decided on a cake. it's actually really funny that you spent all that time deciding, and all jaden wanted was the berries! ha!

    of course i'm thrilled that he spent a lot of time playing with his spoon, fork, and bowl! i'm sure he's seen you mix up a thing or two and wants to be just like mommy! :)

    or it could be that he sees you and stephen using a spoon and fork often enough that he wants to be just like the two of you.

    and of course, the car is awesome! well, jaden in the car is awesome. :) especially with that cell phone in hand. you better watch out! jaden will be cruisin' the neighborhood, in his new ride before you know it. ;) ha!