Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pumpkin Update

Okay everyone....so thanks for all of the wonderful ideas for pumpkin! I just wish I had enough time to actually MAKE all of those yummy things!!! Really, these days I'm not making ANYTHING. My mom has been here and has been doing the cooking (and pretty much everything else!!!) while I study. I just have a few days left of her help so I have to take advantage of it and get as much done as possible! That also explains the slacking on the blog entries!
Anyway....I thought I'd throw out a little update...I did make Pumpkin Waffles. Nutty Pumpkin Waffles with Pumpkin Maple Sauce to be exact. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Nutty-Pumpkin-Waffles/Detail.aspx TRUST me...they were GOOD!!!!!!!! Some of the comments on the recipe say to forgoe the sauce - but DON'T - it is SO good!!!

Even the toughest critic liked them. But, lest you think I am a terrible mother for giving my child something so wierd....his didn't have nuts or syrup...just think of all of the wonderful things he has to look forward to! :-)


  1. three cheers for waffles! i just got a waffle maker (early christmas gift) and i made a batch of wheat waffles. emma LOVED them. and i did too!! tara got me hooked on waffles when i went to visit her. :) and they freeze well. which is even better. good bye ego waffles. hello homemade!

    this will be my next waffle recipe! thanks for sharing the link!

  2. Yeah - I always thought waffles were too hard to make but Stephen LOVES them. So, we got a waffle maker for our wedding and we just keep using it. I don't think I could eat Eggo's any more...it's just not the same! You are right - they do freeze well - and if you heat them up in the toaster oven they stay crispy, not soggy!