Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting Around and around...and around....and around....

We are keeping busy. Jaden keeps being as cute as ever. He LOVES playing with Grandma! I'm getting lots of things done, but kinda miss just hanging out with the little guy! Here is a bit of what we have been up to the last few days....I still have catching up to do from when my dad was here...but we'll get to it sometime!!

Jaden has found a new way to get around.

The first time he tried it, one of the brakes on the stroller was locked so he LITERALLY got around - and around - and around - and around. I think he was doing it for at least 5 minutes before I got the camera out. As you can see, he ended up a bit dizzy!

But he is fearless. About 10 seconds later, he was back up for more!

Here is a fun picture of us at Roble's (a local Mexican Restaurant). Daddy and Jaden were having fun entertaining each other!

Jaden has been hanging out a lot with Grandma these last few weeks and, like Grandmas do - she's been finding some fun toys for him. We happend across this Rudolph on sale and she had to get it. He sings and his nose lights up with you press his ear. Jaden likes him a lot and claps every time Rudolph sings. But, Rudolph is also nice and soft and makes a good partner for a nap.


Tonight, as Jaden was playing just across the room I couldn't believe how different he looked. With his hair getting longer and as he does more and more things, I realized that he looks OLDER. I don't know if this picture captures whatever I saw that made me nostalgic for his 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, even 9 month days...but it sure is a cute one!


  1. Soooo cute!!!! I love you guys, this just completely brightened my day.

  2. hey chica!

    okay, those videos are great!! too funny, sweet, and adorable! hehehee...

    i love the picture of your mom holding jaden while he sleeps! that is the sweetest thing ever! and the rudolph, is too cute!! that's something emma would love. she loves toys that sing, dance, and light up. you just wait until jaden gets some dance moves! he'll be pushing buttons and swaying to the music in no time. :)