Thursday, December 4, 2008

10 months

So, today was Jaden's 10 month birthday. I can't believe that 10 months has gone by this fast and I can't believe how much he is learning and doing every day.

Here was a picture from today....
For example
Yesterday we came out to the living room in the morning. Jaden loves to pull ALL (or at least MOST) of his books off of the shelf. Every once in a while we get through a whole book when we read but most of the time it is more like 5 pages or less. Since he was pulling all of the books off of the shelf I asked him if he wanted to read, picked up a book, and began reading it to him. When it was finished I asked him if he wanted to read more. He has learned the sign language for "MORE" but has only ever used it in relation to food. He signed more to my question so I said, "can you bring me a book?" and pointed to the pile that was across the room. He looked at me, looked at the books, crawled over, picked one up, and crawled back to me holding it out. We read that whole book. Again I asked "do you want to read more?" He signed more, so I said "okay, can you bring me a book?" this time without pointing. He looked at me, looked at the books, went and got one and brought it over. We repeated this FIVE times! Not only did he bring the book each time but we read the WHOLE THING each time! I couldn't believe it.

Another example. I guess Jaden is learning to shake his head NO. We try not to use the word "no!" too much but, there are few key things that we have been teaching him. Like...
-no, you can't play with the electrical outlet.
- no, you can't pull the lever on the water cooler and dump water all over the kitchen floor.
- and no, the roll of toilet paper is not a toy.
well, yeseterday he was in the bathroom and my mom was in there. He was playing with a few toys in the dry bathtub but, then, he looked at the roll of toilet paper, looked at my mom, and shook his head. Then he would go back to playing....then look at the toilet paper, look at my mom and shake his head no. I guess he gets it! Of course, it's important to note that when he shakes his head it is hilarious. It's like the whole upper 1/3rd of his body shakes, not just his head!

He's also trying to put big Legos together, he walks behind his Tonka truck, and Stephen is SURE that he repeated "garbage truck" this morning as they watched out the window. Probably something a little more like "ga-a uk" but it was pretty close!

As for me, I'm just trying to figure out where the time has gone. I look at pictures from even a month or so ago and can't believe how little he was. I can't imagine him any other way than how he is right now but I also remember thinking that a couple of weeks ago when he couldn't do all of these things yet, or when he was tiny and couldn't even sit yet. One thing I know for sure, he has me hooked.

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  1. you just wait. it'll only get better! ;) jaden will amaze you with so much more to come!

    we tried not to use "no" with emma as well. but in one of her books that she loves, i say, "no, no..." and i think that's where she picked it up from. it's SO cute when she says it. it's more of a spanish "no" than an english "no". if you know what i mean. :)

    you little one amazes me too. if that is possible! i love to see how much he has grown and changed in the pictures you post. he truely is wonderful. you've done very well with him. not that i ever doubted that you would. ;)

    here's to you and your little 10 month old!