Monday, September 8, 2008

Some New Firsts

Well, Stephen and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary on the 4th of September. Time flies when you're having fun! Since we got married I have fallen in love with making cakes, however, Stephen is not much of a cake eater. He prefers pies. Frankly, for some reason, pies scare me. They seem way too complicated. But, because I love my husband (and because I got a great magazine of recipies from my mom) I decided to try it as an Anniversary gift. Sure, I cheated and used a store-bought crust...(one has to start SOMEWHERE) but, it turned out really good AND it wasn't that hard. So, I guess, I'm learning to like to make pies as well!
I cut out little hearts but, the filling kind of bubbled out. Oh well....

This week Jaden went to his first football game! We went to a High School game because one of the youth from church, Thomas, was playing in the marching band and wanted us to see their performance. The band did a great job, especially for being so early in the season. I think we'll go to another game or a competition later to see their complete show. Jaden was enthralled by the drums!

Of course, he also had a really good time playing with Grandpa, riding on Daddy's shoulders, and he REALLY enjoyed the confetti!

This last picture is from yesterday. Jaden stayed with Grandma & Grandma H while Stephen and I went to a movie for our anniversary (a few days late). He was SO happy and playful and if you look close you can see his 2 bottom teeth! I think this might possibly be the CUTEST picture taken of him yet!


  1. Is he wearing the Converse yet? Hope y'all are enjoying yourself being parents to the cutest boy ever!

    Oh, yeah, congratulations on your 4th yearn anniversary!

  2. chica!

    yes, congrats again! where have the years gone?

    that second picture of jaden with the confetti is great! but yes, i agree, the last picture is so cute!!! that is a totally new look for him. i don't think i've seen that face before. awww...and the two teeth SO cute.

  3. SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I adore the pictures and video! Keep updating! I thought about you on your anniversary and what a beautiful bride you were! Love you!