Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy Busy

Well, we're still having fun here. We keep trying new things every day! This week I was VERY proud of myself. I MADE baby food. It wasn't even that hard! Here are the pictures of the finished nectarines. I figure it is equivalent to about 8 or 9 baby food jars! Hey, depending on the brand that is about $8-9!!! I had read that if you cooked the food in water it could lose some of the nutrients but you could later use the leftover water containing the nutrients to thin the food. So, I froze the water too. I actualy think I'll use it in Jaden's teether mesh bag as a cool treat! Little nectarine-cicles! I only thought to take a picture by the time I had it in the ice cube trays so, no photos of the process. The next day (yesterday) I made beans (about 4 jars worth) and carrots (about 12 jars worth). So, since produce was SUPER cheap (i.e. 3 lbs nectarines for 99 cents, 3 lbs. carrots 99 cents, 1 lb beans 99 cents) I spent less than $3 for $24 worth of baby food!!!! And, for another $1 today I'm hoping to make about $12 worth of pears! Now the trick is just to get Jaden to eat them!!! The texture is a little different than the store bought baby food so he's been making some funny faces. But, he seems to like the taste!

I most have been in a "domestic mood" because I also made Banana Muffins! YUM!! Sorry dad, they didn't have any nuts (and they were missed!) Actually, I wasn't that domestic. It's just that bananas were 3lbs for $1 also!

Since we don't have stairs Jaden learned to crawl up onto the box.
Here is a note to readers with younger kiddos than Jaden. DO NOT allow your kid to do this!!!!!! You will be amazed at his/her ability, grab the camera and in trying to get a good picture, he/she will look at you, lose their balance and promptly fall and smack their head on the floor. Trust me, it's not worth it! (PS, despite the tumble that caused a few tears, Jaden is just fine - thankfully, it was a very short box!)
Jaden is enjoying the bouncer more these days. Every once in a while he'll really get bouncing and it's SO funny! This is about the only way I get dinner made or the dishes done!

Here he is wearing a hat from Naomi, Paul & Jonah. Of course, he's not wearing the rest of the outfit. He was just helping mommy with the laundry!

And, here's Jaden with his new friend courtesy of Barb & Gary! What fun!


  1. Hey Chica

    Good for you! That's fantastic that you are making your own baby food!! it is way cheaper and healthier for your baby!

    and look at you making banana muffins! you sure are a mommy rock star. ;)

    you probably already know, but on the small off chance that you don't, don't use carrot water! here's a link to check out about nitrates:

    i used to get samples of baby formula in the mail. i ended up using some formula to thin out my fruits and veggies. that way some vitamins and minerals get back into whatever may have been cooked out. and a little splash of formula went a long way in thinning out the purees.

    that website, has a lot of good information and recipes available. so if you haven't checked it out, or want ideas or something, check it out. i did a lot of my searching on that site. :)

    have a good day! and as always, LOVE the pictures.

  2. Krysia,
    Awesome that you are so handy in the kitchen. I only bought one jar of any baby food and once I knew that Brileigh wasn't allergice, I went straight to blending everything Brian&I ate. So anytime we had pototoes, carrots, corn, beans,peaches, pears etc. a little bit went straight into the blender for Brileigh and then into ice cube trays for the freezer. It was handy to just pop out an ice cube, defrost, add a little breast milk and rice ceral and whala...meal for Brileigh.
    Keep it up!!

    Also just as a note, as Jaden gets older he will get lots of bumps, bruises, butt plops and face plants especially as he learns to walk and CLIMB on everything!!!!
    I guess God made children resilent for a reason!!!
    Take care!