Saturday, January 26, 2008

Still Waiting

Well, it's been awhile since I've written and people are starting to get curious so, I figured I better update everyone.

We're still waiting for Baby Heimer to decide that he's ready to let us see what he looks like! According to the doctor this last Wednesday was our due date so, any day now...

Actually, since now we're considered "post-term" we have to go for Fetal Stress Tests about every 3 days. This is basically an ultrasound where they look around to make sure that they baby is moving enough, how big he's getting, that there is enough amniotic fluid, that his heart is beating strongly, etc. It was nice to see a picture of him and know that everything is just perfect. As of Wednesday he hadn't dropped so we could still catch a glimpse of his face. The doctor tried to get a picture but, the little guy was moving too much, he couldn't get a good one. He looks CUTE though, and it looks like he has chubbier cheeks than in the last ultrasound pictures! Hopefully we'll be seeing him on the outside SOON! Today we're going for another test just to make sure everything is still going well.

We appreciate your prayers! And, we'll keep you posted!

It has actually been pretty nice to have these few days. Stephen and I have been spending a lot of time together just relaxing and doing things around the house. It feels like life has finally slowed down a little bit! We even went to a movie! But, I've also had some time to make a few extra preparations. I've been cooking and freezing meals! So far I have about 8 frozen meals (although that is counting about 3 meals of chili!) and by the end of today I'll have another 4 or 5! So, we should be eating well, even if I don't have the energy to cook! :-)


  1. We are some of those who have been waiting for an update, so thanks! Hope baby Heimer will show his cute little face soon and blessings on your "soon to be" family of three.

  2. Making meals now is a really wise thing to do with your time! I wish I had done more of that!!!