Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Chronicle

Okay - Here is a little chronicle of our adventures since Mom & Dad have been here.

Dinner out at State Line

A Christmas Lights Tour of El Paso - This is in the central park downtown. HUGE tree!

And YES it was COLD. People have never beleived me when I tell them that it DOES get cold in El Paso. However, now Mom & Dad know that I'm not joking! Sure, it's nothing like MN and 4 degrees with a wind chill BUT, it's still cold enough to bite through even a winter jacket. Now I have WITNESSES!!!
Dad was working on a shelf for the baby's closet - but he took a little break to pet Jack.
I think Dad gets along better with our dogs than Mom (although I don't think she finds them TOO bad - you'll have to ask her!)

Here's Dad putting the shelves into the closet.

We had Stephen's parents and Grandma over for dinner. There are many of you that are better at this than I am. Sorry, no fancy tablecloth, centerpiece or cloth napkins...and, I have discovered that we've broken too many of my cool glasses I only have enough matching for 4 people! I guess that will have to get onto the list of home items to be purchased someday!

Thanks for decorating my fridge everyone! We LOVE seeing your pictures every day! After dinner we watched "The Nativity Story" - probably a new Christmas tradition.

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