Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Today we ordered our rocking chair. It looks like the one on a previous post but will come in a different color AND I got it for even CHEAPER than we though we would!!! It's kinda doubtful that it will make it into our house before the baby - but anything is possible! At least we'll have it soon after! Ahhhhhh, and then....sweet GLIDING rocking comfort!

I think that brings our pre-baby spending about to an end. Just a few odds and ends like shampoo and lotion left. Maybe tonight I'll actually get the suitcase for taking to the hospital packed!
This is the bassinet that we got for the baby to sleep in in our room for the first few weeks at least. It fits perfectly in our room (although not much else will fit in!!!) and it's pretty cute. It's sitting in our room right now but we still have to do some moving around of other furniture before we're done.

Last Saturday some people from the church threw us a "Pampers" shower so we got LOTS of diapers and baby wipes that have filled up the rest of the baby's closet
There were a few other items as well. This one was pretty cute!

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  1. Well, I guess it remains to be seen now, then, who will enjoy the glider rocker more - mom, dad or baby Heimer :-).

    I think baby Heimer will enjoy that cozy bassinet and you'll love having that precious little one in sight and within arms reach. I suppose you'll have to take turns sleeping on the side of the bed closest to him.

    When you pack your bag don't forget the 1,000 baby names book....unless, of course, you've drawn a name from the hat already (just kidding).

    You two will be wonderful parents. God chose you to love and care for His creation. Enjoy the privilege - the blessings and challenges.