Friday, July 27, 2007

13 weeks and counting

So, today marks 13 weeks. Our baby is the size of a jumbo shrimp they say. You know, I've always been pro-life, knowing that every baby is complete with all of the information needed for life from the moment of conception. However, reading week by week what is happening and how our baby is growing is absolutely amazing to me. Right now, before my belly is really even showing, our baby already has every major system needed for sustaining life formed. Of course, it's all TINY, occupying only 3 inches worth of space and weighing only 1 ounce! But still, it's all there. Even baby's own fingerprints. God is amazing! Only He could create something so perfect and so beautiful.
I'm amazed by the reality that is the life inside of me...but still also a bit scared about the realities of parenthood. Well, at least I know that it took God to create this life, and the only way to help it grow and learn is with God's help.
It sure is amazing!

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  1. Yes it is amazing ... Right now that tiny little one is perfectly formed. God continues to fashion him/her in His own special way. It won’t be long until you have him/her to cuddle & embrace. Yes, God truly is amazing, & we are privileged to know that these things are the substance & evidence of His amazing grace.