Friday, January 14, 2011

Coming Home

After some juggling and struggling Daddy got both car seats snugly into the backseat so we bundled up and headed home about 36 hours after Alivia was born.
Jaden seems to like his upgrade to the window seat!
In general, Alivia doesn't really like riding in her car seat all that much. If we are on the interstate or steadily moving she doesn't mind too much - but stuck in traffic or at red lights and she tends to express her disapproval.

We brought a baby girl home for Daddy's birthday!
Alivia gave Jaden a present too! She must have been paying attention while in the womb when every time Jaden saw these Ladybugs in the store he wanted to take one home. What a smart baby sister!!!

I think he's in love!
First vistor - Luz.
A birthday dinner for Daddy!
Now officially a family of four!
YUMMY ice cream cake!
Alivia, all tuckered out from all this partying at only 36 hours old!
Jaden: "Can I hold him?" He is SUCH a SWEET big brother!

A beautiful little gift from God!

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  1. She really is adorable. Enjoy every moment while they last. A year flies by before you know it!!!