Saturday, January 8, 2011

Alivia Grace

December 12th at 4:44am we were beyond blessed to add a daughter to our family.
Alivia Grace weighed 6lb 11.1 oz and was 20.5 inches long.
She has the tiniest little hands with LONG, thin fingers and skinny, long feet!
Right after birth she got to snuggle with Mommy for an hour and a half. Then she was all wrapped up to head to the nursery for a few tests and her first bath.
Mommy and Daddy rested a little bit and when she came back to our room Daddy got some good snuggling too!
We just spent the afternoon snuggling and dozing!

Later that afternoon Grandma and Grandpa H came by for a visit.

Is that a smile?
FINALLY in our postpartum room and a more comfortable bed.
Then Grandma K came to visit.
We had a peaceful night's sleep. Alivia is a great sleeper and while she wakes up regularly to eat, she usually goes right back to sleep. Actually, the nurses and maintenance to fix our HOT room kept us up more than Alivia did!
Before we checked out to head home big brother Jaden came to visit.
He brought Alivia a present he had gone shopping for with Grandma K
CARS! I think Jaden is more excited about them than Alivia, but she'll grow into them!
Jaden was also pretty excited to see that mommy had a juice box left on her tray.

Just a few minutes into knowing each other you could already tell there was a lot of love between these siblings!

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  1. Love all the pictures of her! She is just adorable. I had subscribed to your "buzz" updates, but for some reason, I never got these. So I'm back tracking a little. Hope this finds you well!