Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mariachi San Pablo Tour - San Antonio & Austin TX

The summer has been in full swing for us for quite some time. Here are a few pictures from our recent travels with the mariachi group! 10 performances for over 2,250 people and driving over 1,200 miles in 7 days. FUN STUFF!

San Antonio – Concordia Lutheran Summer Day ProgramThey had the kids dancing in the aisles
San Antonio - Abundant Grace Daycare - even the kiddos in the cribs were dancing!
San Antonio - a full concert at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran ChurchJaden joining all the kids and adults at the Community Center for a bit of fun music

Joined by a little fan for singing AlabareOf course, a little fun along the way
Remember the Alamo!crusing the river

Packing, unpacking, and get used to it I guess.Iglesia Luterana Pueblo de Dios in Austin

Stephen as the mission speaker at the TX LWML Convention in Austin. He had them laughing! Doesn’t he look sharp in the new suit that God gave him just in time for the event? (He hadn’t known just what to pack to wear. His nice suit seemed too formal, less than a suit too informal for a mission speaker. a woman in San Antonio brought this suit the day we were packing up to leave saying she had found it at a Thrift store where she volunteered that was closing and she just had to hold onto it. Can you believe it was his PERFECT – and nearly impossible to find – size, and a really nice brand! AND he just happened to have a shirt that looked nice with it!?!?! God always takes care of His people – even in the little things!

Playing for the TX LWML Banquet – the group had a GREAT reception! The crowd was cheering, applauding, dancing, and snapping pictures like they were rock stars!

Praise God for safe travels and an amazing time sharing His love through music!

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  1. Who is the little fan joining in with Alabare? How was it that he was dressed like the Mariachi? I really like the group picture with the Melody of Love prop.