Friday, August 27, 2010

California Adventures - Part III

One day in CA Jaden and I spent most of the morning at a park. It was a REALLY cool park with lots of fun things to do. I guess it was the coolness of the park, or the activity of the other kids that inspired him but he FINALLY decided to go down the slide on his own!

His OWN way, of course

The rest of our CA adventures had us visiting friends and relaxing.

Hanging out in a hammock at a friend’s house

They also had a few animals

Checking out the grape vines in their vineyard

And checking out their COOL tractors

We also visited other friends in San Francisco and got to ride the BART

These friends live in NY but just so HAPPENED to be in S.F. the same time we were nearby.
What an answer to prayer to actually be able to SEE them (even if it was WAY too short!)

I think there is no better way to take up a San Francisco sidewalk than a brigade of strollers of beautiful kiddos!
We visited a really cool park and had lots of fun sliding some more!

Splashing in the water with Jonah was REALLY fun (even if it WAS non-potable water!)

And riding the really cool carousel

Boy oh boy do I ever miss her!

And, back at Randy’s house we had a fun family over for dinner. We had a kid’s movie night and Jaden and his new buddies cuddled right up on the couch together!

What an amazing and fun trip. Somebody was tired out on the flight home!


  1. Oh, I miss you!! Betsy had that book out from you again yesterday and she sat for the LONGEST time cooing at it and turning the pages.

  2. Naomi and you should move to MN :-).