Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well, after months and months I did finally make it to graduation. I don't exactly feel like a "Master" but it does feel GREAT to be done :-)

Here are a few pics from the celebration!

Here I am walking in. Little did I know with a last name that begins with "H" that I would be THE FIRST one to walk across the stage. They had the degrees separated by program and the MA of Christian Outreach went first. Since there were only 3 other people graduating from that program this year (with last names that start with "P", "S", and "Z" I was the lucky 1st across the stage. The only bad part about that is since we went first the crowd (and our supporters) didn't really have time to get into it. So, when we walked across the stage there was dead silence but, by the time the MA Education and Business people were walking across there were screams and cheers galore. Oh well.....
Here I am with my lovely mom!
And my dad...
Leaving the auditorium. Sorry about the pink line....that is what our camera has been doing lately. I sent it to Canon this week and they are supposedly going to fix it for free....otherwise we'll be buying a new camera soon!
A post-ceremony picture.....Yes, that's me with my empty diploma folder....I'm STILL waiting for that to arrive in the mail!
The MA Christian Outreach graduates of 2009
Me with one of my very favorite pastors ever (my confirmation pastor, first pastor to ever take me on a servant event, crazy waking us up early every morning on servant events singing "Wild Thing", pastor who married Stephen and I.....) He teaches at Concordia right now and even though I had lost track of time and failed to mention to him that I was going to be graduating, saw him when we were walking into the auditorium and couldn't have been happier that he was there!

Again, the MACO grads up by the stage (PLEASE notice my cute shoes! Cutest pair of shoes I've ever owned.....and highest heels ever.....I did NOT realize we'd be making an entire lap + of the indoor track when I decided to wear them!)

My dear hubby and amazing son

My cheering section (at graduation and in life in general).

The President of OHSCO Dr. Mark Press and my mentor through a lot of the program Dr. Eugene Bunkowske.
J trying on mommy's cap for size (good thing he has a bit of growing to do before he gets to this stage!)

A celebration dinner at "Porterhouse". YUMMY steak.....and a tired baby!

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  1. Congratulations!!! And, seriously, does that kid fall asleep ANYWHERE?!