Friday, June 19, 2009

The Final Details

On the Tuesday after graduation my mentor through the capstone process, Rev. Jim Vehling, and his wife invited us out for lunch. We had been through the whole process with somewhere around 290 emails back and forth but had never actually met each other. Really, honestly, without his help and encouragement I never would have made it through. It was so nice to spend some time with them. We went to a great restaurant called "Mai Village" in St. Paul that serves Vietnamese food. If you are ever in St. Paul and looking for something different - go here!

The final thing that I had to complete to be "officially" finished with my MA was to have my thesis bound and signed by my committee members. The Tuesday after graduation I took the bound hardcover books to Concordia where my committee all happened to be in a meeting. How convenient!

Here is Rev. Vehling signing...
Dr. Bunkowske....
And Dr. Press

Now it's OFFICIAL!!!!
Meanwhile...Jaden napped in the car.....
And Grandma got creative for propping his head up....YUP....that's a diaper (clean of course)

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