Monday, January 23, 2012

But the monsters...

Jaden is getting really creative at trying to get others to go with HIS agenda rather than their own.

The other night I told him he could play trains for a few minutes while we finished cleaning up. He walked into the playroom and then turned around and said, "but there are monsters in my playroom."

Humoring him, I went into the playroom and looked around making comments like...

"Hmmm...I don't see any monsters under the train table."

"are there any behind the rocking chair? .... No."

"What about under the desk? Nope."

I concluded my investigation with, "It looks like the coast is clear, no monsters here!"

Jaden looked at me and, without skipping a beat, said,
"No. The monsters are really smart. They hear me talking to you and they know to stay away. But, when you leave and I'm not talking to you anymore, they come out."

Now, maybe I should be worried that my 3 year old is overly afraid of monsters and their sneakiness.

However, considering he said these things while working really hard to try to hide his smile, instead I just think he's hilariously creative!


  1. And were you able to keep from laughing? Sounds like he is practicing outsmarting you :-). You're going to have to be quick on the draw with a quirky comeback.

  2. We used to get the spray bottle out and fill it with water. Everytime the girls "saw" a monster, they got to spray it. But, it can get a little wet!!! :)