Monday, December 12, 2011

What a difference a year makes....

It is hard to believe that this little girl...
Has already grown into this walking, babbling, giggling, playful, melt-your-heart-with-a-smile BIG girl!

Happy 1st Birthday!
A rainbow cake experiment...
YUM!"Hey, this cake eating business is messy stuff!"
Trying to decide which is more fun - the tissue paper in the package or what might be lying beneath in the bag!
The rocking horse is a HUGE hit!
(of course, within 5 minutes she has already learned to climb on forwards, backwards, and ride standing up! eeek!!!)
I think I might be going through a "my baby is growing up" crisis! I know, she's only did she stop being a BABY so fast?!!?!??!?!


  1. What an amazing personality this little princess has developed in one short year. You are a wonderful mommy and I know you have lots of Alivia's "firsts" tucked away in your heart.

  2. she is beautiful chica!! I think times flies by faster with baby #2 than it ever does with baby #1. wait until you see what awaits you this year. :) good job with the cake! it looks like she really enjoyed it. :)