Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bertie the Bus

We received this GREAT magazine second-hand from a friend. It has lots of great activities for learning letters and numbers. Some activities are a little harder than Jaden can really do on his own at 3 but, because it is Thomas, he is SUPER interested. I talked him through several of the pages and I was really impressed with all that he COULD do!

The magazine also comes with activities and crafts that you can make. And, the second my little guy saw the idea for making a Bertie the Bus he COULD NOT get it out of his head. This morning, while waiting for the cousins to arrive for the weekend, I could tell he was impatient. I asked him to think of 2 things that he would REALLY LOVE to do today while we waited and we could pick one of them. He could only think of one.....MAKE BERTIE THE BUS!!!!!

So, I scrounged my stash for an appropriate sized box and got out the red paint.
I thought he was going to get tired before painting the whole thing but he did a great job of sticking with it. I guess because it was Bertie!!! We made a few modifications and ended up, not with a piggy/Bertie bank like the magazine suggested - but with a Bertie whose door can open and close to put Little People in!
He's been driving it all over the house since the second I deemed it dry enough!
What a fun craft! (even if I was hesitant at first). Sometimes I just have to get over the "mess" and "work" and just have FUN!!!!

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  1. Jaden looks like a pro with a paint brush. I'm glad you had enough red paint. How proud he can be of his art project. Maybe he will tell me about it the next time we skype.