Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To Wear or Not To Wear

So, for as long as I have been old enough to have an opinion about such things I have thought that elastic hair bows that people put on little girl's heads are ridiculous. I think it looks like their poor little heads are getting squeezed. I don't understand how they stay on. I think they are just a little weird looking.

Enter my new life as a mom of a girl.

We were given about 8 of these little elastic hair bows as gifts at baby showers. Each time I smiled, laughed, and said, "Oh how cute." All the while thinking, "I WILL NEVER MAKE MY LITTLE GIRL WEAR THESE."

I think there is something about HAVING a little girl that just makes a mom more "girly." Examples - I NEVER put shoes on Jaden when he was a baby. Alivia wears shoes almost every day. I also thought baby tights were ridiculous, and I have put them on Alivia at least 3 times. With a boy, outfits that match are cute, but on a little girl they are ADORABLE and effort at coordinating socks and shoes with the outfit is actually pretty fun.

So, these 8 gifted hair bows... They have resided in the drawer I open every day right next to the baby socks. A few of them also came with barrettes so I figured I would just save them the required time to be in good faith after receiving them as a gift and I would just eventually use the barrettes. BUT, there they sat, staring at me every day as I thought about how ridiculous they are.

Well, today I put Alivia in a new-to-her outfit. Not your traditional pink, but still very girly. And something about the purple hair bow called to me. I thought, "well, these silly things are so ridiculous, I wonder what they actually look like on?" (I think I may have bee inspired by the fact that Jaden woke up with the craziest hair ever and I was just in the mood for more morning laughs.)

Well, I put the bow on and.....
You be the judge.....
Without bow
With bow

What do you think?

In my opinion, fairly completely adorable either way. But, I am pretty partial to the bow today. I'm afraid my distaste for the bows has gone by the wayside. I'm now a mom of a girl. I might be becoming a girly-girl.
SO BE IT! :-)


  1. That bow looks absolutely adorable! Then again, you do have a beautiful baby girl...

    The only thing I do ask is please, PLEASE, refrain from putting her in pants with ruffles on the backseat...as if her diaper didn't make her look big enough. Ruffles are cute girly-girl things, but on a butt...they are beyong ridiculous...they are horrendous.

    Keep on putting the bows!

  2. Hey? Where's her security blanket?

  3. I really like the bow on Alivia. She's beautiful!

  4. Cute as a bug in a rug!!! I agree with you about girls making Mommies "girlie". I hate pink, but after 2 girls and almost 4 years of hand-me down clothes I have realized that I can tolerate pink and sometimes it even looks pretty adorable on my little girls!

  5. ha! I'm in the same boat... well we are expecting a girl... and I'm not a girlie girl... however I guess I better be ready to change. :) I'd say either looks great!

  6. Too Funny! I have the exact same thoughts as you....until I had a girl. Especially about the shoes. What a difference a girl makes! Congrats by the way!!! You have a beautiful family.