Monday, August 25, 2008

A busy - FUN week

So, we have had several really nice days here in El Paso. The weather has been great - not too hot and just perfect! Also, Stephen hasn't started his fall semester of classes (they begin tonight) and the music ministry classes aren't starting until September so...he's had nights free. It's been SO NICE to have time together in the evenings and a pretty regular schedule for a few weks! Here are a few pictures of us hanging out in the backyard. I previously told mom and dad that it was as green as MN in our yard! Well, that was probably a BIT of an overexaggeration but, considering that our backyard used to just be pure DIRT - it's pretty darn green!!!

Here is Jaden playing with Daddy and Jack!

He's getting more and more used the grass and actually kinda likes it!

He didn't even freak out when he tipped over and laid down in it!
Jaden has also been working on walking!

Jaden has also been "playing" the piano with Daddy lately. This was at Grandma & Grandpa H's house but he plays along at home too!

Another non-Jaden related item in my posting is that I made a Pineapple Upside Down Cake for a friend. I had never made one before but it sounded interesting. I had no idea you could bake a cake in a cast iron skillet!!! Here it is before getting tipped out onto the plate...

And here is the finished product! It was YUMMY!!!!!!

Here are a few pictures of Jaden yesterday in his cool new 6-9 month outfit! He even wore little white tennis shoes most of the day! He's saying - Hey momma, don't I look cool!?

And cute! tell me......

Who do you think Jaden looks like NOW!!??!?!?!

He appears to have his daddy's (the baby on the left) cheeks, eyes, AND hairline!

A little playtime....

"Talking" and WORKING on crawling...

There really is nothing like a baby's giggles!


  1. Oh my gosh Chica!

    Jaden doesn't look like the same baby!! What have you been feeding him? :D

    Really, your little boy is so adorable. I just can't get over it!

    How exciting that he is getting to the walking stage!! whoo-hoo!! Most people will say, "watch out", but i say, have fun!

    Thanks for all the videos!! Technology nowadays, how did we ever live without it? ;)


  2. Your kid is so cute! He brings a smile to my face even when I feel down.

    So do the converse tennis shoes fit yet? I want a picture of the cool kid with the cool shoes.

    Well, keep updating 'cause that's how I can watch Jaden grow (and yes, he does look like Stephen! I think he looks like both of you at the same is that possible? Oh, yeah, he's your kid, duh)

  3. I absolutely love these videos. Keep them coming. It sounds to me like Jaden is trying to say both mmmama... and da... on the talking video :-). When you going to teach him grma and grrrrpa? The giggle video absolutely MAKES MY DAY!

    Jaden is indeed God's Masterpiece and I l-o-v-e him. Give him a big hug and kiss from me, ok.

    Grma K